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The defence force needs a lot of highly educated staff. To achieve this recruitment target, they offer undergraduate schemes where students can apply to join the forces and receive funding for the remainder of their degree for a return service commitment upon graduation.

Degrees include:

Undergraduate- Business, Dentistry, Engineering, Environmental Health, Finance, Law, Logistics, Medical Science, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy Radiography, Scientific. Graduate Medical.

For all undergraduate schemes, you have to:

  • Have successfully completed the first year of a three or four year degree and two years of a five or six year degree. Medicine is also covered as a graduate program – applicants must have completed their undergraduate degree.
  • Meet entry requirements
  • Promise return service, including completing compulsory officer training as applicable to the service you are joining

Undergraduate Schemes Defence 1

DUS is for you if you’re already studying for a relevant degree. With sponsorship, we pay you to complete your degree and pay your remaining fees.


Air Force

You will attend Officers’ Training School and begin your Air Force career. Possible positions are as follows and are of course subject to availability:

Year 12 certificate and ATAR



Undergraduate Entry Officer (UGRAD)

Most students in the Navy UGRAD Scheme are reading medical, naval architecture, mechanical, electrical or other related engineering degrees.

More information here:

Undergraduate Schemes Defence 2

Royal Australian Navy



The Australian Defence Force Academy ADFA in Canberra provides military and undergraduate training for recruits. Find out more here:

Undergraduate Schemes Defence 3

The Australian Defence Force Academy; Military Training Institution; Officer Training Institution


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