This website is re-creating some of the community spirit and practical information sharing that people used to have in their local communities.

MySchoolAdvisor can help you search schools by location and custom filters and you can review schools in Australia. We also list Music Teachers, Universities and Community Organisations as well as Businesses.

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Finding the Right School

We make it easier to find the right school.

Parents can now easily search schools by location and by the programs and features they prefer in a school.

Parents who want to support their school can give the school a favourable review and at the same time help new parents.

More Search Filters

Continuity when moving with school age children

Other information such as languages, sports, International Baccalaureate etc. can assist parents to let their kids get some continuity in their education and interests when moving.

The ability to review schools in Australia is a win-win for both schools and parents: Schools get parents who are well-informed and want exactly the social environments, facilities, services and location the school is offering.

Parents can filter out a school that may not suit their particular child even when that may not be immediately clear from a school’s own website.


Defence Families

Our site is built with the needs of families who move frequently in mind.


Defence Schools Transition Aide / Defence Transition Mentor

We will try to help fill the knowledge gap.

We have filtering options that are especially helpful, such as Defence School Transition Aide / Defence Transition Mentor filtering option.


The Story

MySchooladvisor.com.au is an enthusiast initiative, run on a not-for-profit basis by Lise Copeland.

Many people no longer know people in their local communities. Families move for work or have busy lifestyles and find themselves without a local network.

The changing dynamics of how we live means many people have problems finding the information they need for services like schools, sports, music programs etc.

MySchooladvisor would like service providers and parents to share their experiences on this website to help the rest of their local community.

As a parent, you will often try to find a school offering particular subjects, including extracurricular ones such as particular sports and music offerings. The database is still under construction but that is what we are aiming for – a comprehensive database where schools can list what sports, musical instruments, and ensembles they offer as well as other particular strengths such as what languages they offer with in-house taught programs.

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