Listings for Not-for-Profits

About Community Organisation Profile Pages

Community Organisation Listings: Community Organisations can get a free profile page in this directory. Community organisations include sporting, special interest, kids and youth interest organisations as well as Community Health as long as they are run on a not-for-profit basis.

You get:

  • General description
  • Up to four photos (can include logo as well as general images)
  • Business hours open/closed widget (can be turned off if not relevant to your listing)
  • email
  • phone
  • website
  • facebook link
  • twitter link
  • twitter feed
  • Video

We promise: we do not use advertising plugins or other services like AdSense. We will allow sponsorship advertising in the business directory.


How do I sign up to get a free Community Organisation Listing

Register. You can now choose whether to use a Facebook, Twitter or a Google account to sign up or the usual username/password. Then go to “add listing” tab in the main menu and pick “Add Community Organisation” from drop down options.

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