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$0.00/ lifetime

  • Auto renewing
  • Free trial
  • Featured school
  • 1 photo
  • 1 category
  • 3 tags
  • Unlimited description
  • HTML editor for description
  • No featured, school prospectus, listing notices


$200.00/ 365 days

  • Auto renewing
  • Free trial
  • Featured school
  • 4 photos
  • 1 category
  • 3 tags
  • Unlimited description
  • HTML editor for description
  • All fields

Fields Available to all claimed listings

  • All address and contact details
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter links + live Twitter Feed
  • Image/s, Logo, Video
  • Business Hours
  • Curriculum level
  • Gender
  • Boarding
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Price range
  • CRICOS registration
  • Special Education Programs
  • Defence School Aide badge
  • Languages
  • Sports
  • Other opportunities
  • Out of Hours School Care

Linking Features available for all claimed listings

Link to your Events or Open Days

From your School edit screen, you can link to any event you have added and get these added under a separate tab in your school profile page. There is an event drop-down option where you search for your event/open day listing.

From the “Add Event” screen, you can also link to your school to get a tab in event listing linking back to the school listing.

Link to your other Campuses

Check that the other campus location is registered. In the drop-down field, enter the first few letters of that campus name and wait for the database drop-down suggestions. Pick your campus.

You can repeat this process over for all the campuses.

Listings for Schools 1
Highlight to prospective parents the location and features of your different campuses.

Link to Music Teachers

In the school editing screen, there is a drop-down option to find the account of listed music teachers. Pick your teachers to display the name and a link to that teacher / academy’s listing. You will now get a new tab in your listing profile for your music teachers.

View of School listing, cut to especially show the content tabs, including the Music Tutor Tab
Show parents your music tutors. They can follow the link to learn more about each teacher with a listing. Music Tutor listings are free.

Premium Featured Package


This gives you access to the additional photos, ability to upload your prospectus as well as our “Featured” functionality.

A featured listing will always be on the Front Page. They will also be showcased on the top of the Listings in Search view. This means when someone searches for schools in your area, your listing will be displayed first. It works similar to Google ads but for schools.

Get Started

Find your School in our Directory

Should yours not have been included from the last update, then you can register and add it for free.

If you cannot find your listing

We use government sources to enter listings and your school may not have been on the latest list available to us – or you may have changed the name?

Create an account. Make sure you are signed in and Go to “Add Listing” in our menu, pick “Add School”

Step by Step to Claim your Listing

1. Find

Find your school’s listing and find the button ” Claim Listing

Screen shot of a school listing with close up of the “claim listing”button
The “claim listing” button is under the listing image

2. Claim Form

2. Click the Claim Listing button and you will get the claim form in a pop-up window. If you are not logged in, you will first get the option to register/log in before being forwarded to the claim form.

Claim form in a pop-up
Claim form

3. Submit

Submit the form. You will soon get a check-out button on your screen.

message on screen that "Your claim required a payment to complete" and the checkout button
Go to checkout – even for free listings. No card required for free listings.

4. Check-out

Complete check-out

Tick that you agree with terms and conditions and submit the invoice for processing and you will soon get a success message.

5. Email verification

Go to your email account where you will find an email with a verification link – Click the Verification Link. Done

email for verification of school claim
You have to click the verify listing link to complete the claim of your school.
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