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$150.00/ 365 days

  • Auto renewing
  • Free trial
  • 4 photos
  • 2 categories
  • 3 tags
  • Unlimited description
  • HTML editor for description
  • Unlimited franchises at $30.00/franchise
  • All fields

How do I get a business or Product listing?

Create an account.

Go to “Add Business” / “Add Product” in the main menu. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to create an account or to log in. Enter your listing details and submit. You will now be offered a link to the Checkout in order to make your listing live on the site.

Safe payment options available through PayPal.  Options include all major credit cards.

Have you got several locations? Option of “Other Business Locations”

If you enter that you have other business locations, you will then get an option to lock fields for any subsequent location you enter. This is typically a phone, email, photos etc. This is designed to make it easier and faster to add other locations and also to keep details current across your listings. When you amend any locked field from your main listing, those details will change for all other listings too.

After you have created your Main Listing that includes the feature for “Other Business Locations”, you will have the option when logged in to add another business location.

The cost to add a subsequent location is $30.


Your business can make a link to any Event you have entered. This way customers can easily see what you are up to. It is free to add an Event.

Some of our Categories

You can now select up to three categories. These can be all primary ones such as both Accommodation and Food or a selection of successively more specific categories.

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