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Student Achievement - lessons from TIMSS

Student Achievement – lessons from TIMSS

We all want good teachers for our children but how do you recognise one. Data from progressive PISA studies keep telling us that Australia lags behind in academic achievement. In truth, Australia has not dropped in the PISA data but other countries have powered ahead of us. What do they do better than us?

Good teachers providing better futures 4

Good teachers providing better futures

Child poverty is one of the great challenges of developed, industrialised countries today. How can we ensure the best opportunities for poor children to grow up and be better off than their parents? Professor of Economics at Stanford University, Ray Chetty, made a presentation in the University of Oslo Aula on the 24 October 2016. This is a summary of the presentation. Link to the full presentation below this article.

Public or Private – what you need to know

Many parents are wondering whether their kids would be better off at a private school. Are private schools better? Most people tend to assume you will get something extra for your money, but what is it and is it what you are after. This is what you need to know.

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