Secret to doing well in school – Inspirational Quotes

Secret to doing well in school - Inspirational Quotes 1

The secret to doing well in school. It is good to remember that success and being good at something is not an innate quality but something you work for.

Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential
Winston Churchill

Lise Copeland
Author: Lise Copeland

I like to write about current topics concerning young people, education and mental health. I developed this website to help other parents and it is used by several hundred people every week. I have two kids at University and one in high school. They have attended State, Catholic and Independent schools in three States and Territories as well as overseas, giving me lots of first hand experience of how different schools can contribute. Education: BA(Hons) with Philosophy, Latin and Ancient Greek languages and BA Law (LLB).

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