Music Practice Diary Template

It can be hard for kids to keep track of what they need to do in their practice session and to practice on a regular basis. This music practice diary template can make it easier for a child to remember what to do and also to work on a regular routine. Encourages independence and responsibility.

Download the Music Practice Diary Template

Never forget what to do again: Download sheets for a Music Practice Diary.

Download link below text. The Diary will help you structure your practice time better and to be more efficient.

A tool for parents, kids and the music teacher

This can be an especially valuable tool for those students who get instruction at school as it allows parents to keep track of what is being practiced and allows for easier feedback to the instrument teacher.

Music practice essentially means doing what you are not good at over and over. This can make it daunting especially for young kids to get started. It is much easier to think of anything else to do rather than practice your instrument.

Tools that can help you overcome mental barriers can be important for many people, both children, and adults. Children have much less ability to organise themselves or have insight into their own mental barriers. This is why a visual tool like this music practice diary can be especially helpful.

Music Practice Diary Template 1

Help kids build confidence and routine

A music practice diary allows kids to show off to parents how well they are doing and to build confidence as well as routine. Music is an art where small variables make a big difference and verbal and visual reminders of technique can make even the shortest time practicing more valuable. Remember, 2 minutes of practice doing the right thing is better than 30minutes doing it slightly differently but incorrectly.

This is what they look like:

music practice diary template
music practice diary template

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