Agribusiness Gap Year

Try a Gap Year position in the agriculture business sector. While much work on farms, vineyards, and with livestock is seasonal, there are also longer-term options available in retail and various support and customer service positions for unskilled labour. This means you can get engaged in several roles throughout the year and have the possibility to work outside as well as in the office or with customers and Business-to-Business engagements.

Take your working gap year away from the city

Wine Industry

Wine cellar with several rows of vats. Try a Gap Year in a vineyard
Wine cellar
  • Tasting Room Staff
  • Winemaker Positions
  • Administrative Staff
  • Sales and Marketing Pros
  • Merchandisers
  • Vineyard Workers
  • Many Other Types of Positions

National recruitment site for the wine industry: lists Australian and international jobs in the wine industry.

Jackaroo/ Jillaroo and Outback work

Search for jackaroo/jillaroo, farm-hand, station-hand, harvester etc. or go directly to these sites:

Cowboys on their horses at sunset. Try a Gap Year on a farm.
Cowboys on a farm Australian Agricultural Company, AACO, QLD and NT. Paraway Pastoral, NSW, QLD and NT. Heytesbury Beef, NT and WA. S.Kidman and Co, SA, QLD, NT and WA. North Australian Pastoral Company, QLD and NT. Stanbroke Pastoral, QLD. MDH Pty Ltd, QLD. Hassad Australia, QLD, NSW, VIC, WA Jumbuck Pastoral, SA, NSW and WA.

Year 12 certificate and ATAR

Fruit Picking

Fresh green apples on a tree. Spend your Gap Year picking fruit.
Fresh apples on a farm

These positions are clearly seasonal but can provide a break and help fill in a gap year and provide some travel opportunities. You will meet plenty of backpackers.

Other rural industries to look at



Forestry and Timber processing

Thoroughbred racing

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